The facts are that cold therapy is a trusted, non-invasive, non-medicinal treatment that has been shown to improve post exercise recovery on your horse. That’s why it’s used by elite athletes and sports teams around the world.

Cold therapy constricts the blood vessels: this temporarily decreases the local supply of blood flow to help to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm.

Cold therapy also lowers cell metabolism: this helps to prevent tissue death, which ensures that any subsequent tissue loading that occurs is pain free reducing the risk of injury.

Cold therapy initiates the part of the nervous system responsible for rest and digestion: after sub-maximal and maximal exertion, cryotherapy helps the horse get back to resting heart rate levels faster than not cold This is crucial for recovery, especially when you need your horse to perform repeated sets of exercise.

Combining the soothing relief of cold therapy with the expert care of a health professional maximizes benefits for people in pain.

Elasto-aid Hot & Cold Therapy Products are easy-to-use therapy solutions! Elasto-aid™ provides both soothing cold and relieving moist heat combined in one unique and innovative product. The flexible and comfortable wraps and packs are indispensable in any first aid kit and yet perfect for everyday use.

Whether used in a professional or industrial setting, athletic field or at home, Elasto-aid products will not leak even if punctured. These products maintain their shape and remain soft and flexible even at -20°F (-30°C) temperatures. They can be stored in the freezer indefinitely, yet a few seconds in the microwave and the Elasto-aid Hot & Cold Products are ready to be used for hot therapy.

Most of the Elasto-aid Hot & Cold Therapy products are designed with strong, 4-way stretch Lycra material. Lycra is not only stretchable to allow total area contact, it is also the best fabric on the market to transfer and conduct heat or cold.  Elasto-Gel products are also Latex-Free!

Cold Therapy Care

Freeze Elasto-Aids Hot/Cold Therapy Product for 2 hours (minimum). The wrap or pack will always be soft & pliable even in -20ºF. They can be stored in the freezer until needed. Be sure to store the products in a plastic bag while in the freezer, to keep them from absorbing excess moisture.

Gel pack will maintain cold therapy for 30-60 minutes. It is best to keep an extra gel pack in the freezer to replace the original that is in use when it is no longer cold. The pack may remain in freezer until next use.

Pain can make people hot and bothered. Keep your cool with Elasto-aid an instant, cold blast of soothing topical pain relief. This topical pain medication provides a fast-acting blast of cold pain relief, and can be used for muscle and joint strains or sprains.

Elasto-Aid Wraps are cooling gel wraps made with a flexible, yet durable high glycerine gel enclosed by a stretch material that conforms to the body for maximum heat and cold transfer.

Elasto-aid maintain long-established commitment to enhancing people’s lives by developing significant innovations in the wellness

A few seconds in the microwave turns the Elasto-aid into a moist heat therapy product. Heat therapy provides comforting relief for reoccurring pain, old injuries, reducing soreness, or used in conjunction with other rehabilitation treatments or massage therapy. This warmth improves circulation, increases blood flow, and relaxes sore muscles. Moist heat penetrates deeper than dry heat, providing more relaxation to the joints and muscles.

For cryotherapy (cold therapy), Elasto-aid products stay cold for 20-40 minutes, after 2 or more hours in the freezer. The cool temperatures treat acute pain from new injuries, post-workout soreness, or to help stop bleeding from trauma or surgical procedures. This method of cold therapy also aids in reducing swelling and inflammation for many areas of the body.

Use multiple Elasto-aid products for alternating hot and cold therapy. The alternating temperature creates a vascular flush, which is believed to decrease healing time of muscular strains or tendon injuries.